Write On: The Podcast for Aspiring Writers.

A year or so has gone by for the Write On SC radio show and we’ve had a number of good ones. If you’re interested in the art of writing or supporting us you can catch us on Patreon But do me a favor, if you’re a writer or are interested in becoming one, take a look at the titles, see if any interest you and then listen. Enjoy.


Gratitude, Holidays, & Rivals


Writers are some of the luckiest people around. Just think of it: we get to call “reading” work; we get to tell stories that get people emotional, excited, and thrilled; we get to create characters and live with them all the time. What other things do writers have to be grateful for?



Beam me up, Scotty! Pop culture references in literature


Last week between segments we ended up talking about whether you should use pop culture references in your work. There’s a slew of reasons not to and we’ll get into that. But suffice it to say that most MFA programs and literary types will tell you a pop culture reference dates your work and may not be relatable for all readers. So using them is risky at best and against the rules at worst.



Pace 911 or Why You’re Bored With a Story You Wanted to Love


“Pace” is one of those mysterious writerly words that when we use it in critique the newbie’s eyes glaze over. Pace in literature is the speed at which the story is told. How fast the action moves, how quickly the characters achieve their goals, not necessarily the time over which the story takes place, but the urgency of the action that makes up the story.



Pre-Writing and NaNoWriMo


In the beginning, telling the story is about you, the writer, getting the story on the page. We know eventually you have to go to marketing the thing to the reader, but let’s be honest. If you were writing with the reader in mind you may not be committed enough to finish the project.



The Importance of Feedback


If you’re not testing your work on readers — actual real people who aren’t related to you — then you’re flying blind. You have GOT to get some folks to look over your work before you hit “publish” on Amazon. Please. For all of us.


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