Latest Cover for the 2nd Book in the Aristotle Anderson series. Here to Go

Aristotle Anderson, private investigator, bounty hunter, paranormal victim. Due to a childhood ordeal, he is able to travel into the ether between worlds to tackle those creatures that prey on mankind – demons, ghosts, unknown evils. And while his personal life is a disaster area, no one can fault his dedication to his profession. He, along with his assistant, Jasper, and his black cat, Malice, work to rid the world of evil – for a reasonable price.

While working to cleanse a haunting from a lonely hunting shack, Aristotle sees the past reflection of a murder that had occurred there. Two young girls slaughtered at the hands of a sadistic killer. Upon returning home, he discovers that an innocent man is on death row for the crime. Despite having no client, no clues, a dead cold crime, and a bank account in the red, Aristotle is determined to find the real killer.

With the clock ticking on an innocent man, our erstwhile investigator has to overcome forgetful witnesses, unhappy police, Irish bikers, and an elusive killer laughing at our hero all the while. But no obstacle can deter Aristotle once his mind is set on a task. The investigator is determined to keep going until his death or his credit cards run out. Whichever comes first.

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