Paperback Version of Aristotle Anderson Book 1 is available.

Aristotle Anderson, private investigator, bounty hunter, paranormal victim. Due to a childhood ordeal, he is able to travel into the ether between worlds to tackle those creatures which prey on mankind – demons, ghosts, unknown evils. And while his personal life is a disaster area, no one can fault his dedication toward his profession. He, along with his assistant, Jasper, and his black cat, Malice, work to rid the world of evil – for a reasonable price.

A murder and an anonymous client bring the investigator to the idyllic town of Cardinal Point, PA, a place of absolute happiness and joy, where everyday life is a breeze and the best of everything is available to everyone. However, the core of this perfect society is rotten, and Aristotle quickly becomes wrapped up in a plot by a demon to kill the families of several key members of the town. On his journey, he uncovers one ghastly revelation after another and begins to question whether or not the demon should be allowed to continue. Maybe these people deserve their fate.

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