Aristotle Anderson Series

Aristotle Anderson, private investigator, bounty hunter, paranormal victim. Due to a childhood ordeal, he is able to travel into the ether between worlds to tackle those creatures that prey on mankind – demons, ghosts, unknown evils. And while his personal life might be a disaster, no one can fault his dedication to his profession. He, along with his assistant, Jasper, and his black cat, Malice, work to rid the world of evil – for a reasonable price.

This is a six book series from Raven Tale Publishing and available on Amazon.

Book One

A murder and an anonymous client bring the investigator to the idyllic town of Cardinal Point, a place of absolute happiness and joy, where everyday life is a breeze and the best of everything is available to everyone. However, the core of this perfect society is rotten and Aristotle becomes wrapped up in a plot by a demon to kill the families of several key members of the town. On his journey, he uncovers one ghastly revelation after another and begins to question whether or not the demon should be allowed to continue.

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Book Two

While working to cleanse a haunting from a lonely hunting shack, Aristotle sees the reflection of a murder which had occurred there. Two young girls slaughtered at the hands of a sadistic killer. Upon returning home, he discovers that an innocent man is on death row for the crime. Despite having no client, no clues, a crime no one wants to reopen, and a bank account in the red, Aristotle is determined to find the real killer.

With the clock ticking away on an innocent man, the investigator finds himself spiraling down a rabbit hole of police incompetence, political corruption, Irish bikers, the remains of creatures from beyond, and an elusive killer who seems confident his crimes will never be uncovered. From the lowest depths of human misery to the peak of privilege, Aristotle battles uphill against injustice. In the end, he comes to a somber conclusion that sometimes one man cannot rid the world of all its ills. With a final shot from his gun, he hopes that the resounding ripples will change the world just enough to free one innocent man. 

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Book 3

What is the secret hiding behind the doors of the Red Dragon Fighting Society? Murders and suicides are mounting up in the city of Buffalo and all signs are pointing to this enigmatic martial arts academy and its reclusive leader. Are these satanic ritual killings, the work of a vampire, or something even more sinister?

On the verge of bankruptcy, Aristotle Anderson is blackmailed by his lawyer into investigating the martial arts dojo. While traveling the strange environs of a decaying town under the influence of strange forces, he uncovers the truth about his past, learns how his uncle attempted to sell him to demonic forces, and comes face-to-face with the sinister man pulling the strings behind the curtains of reality.