Time and Time Again Part One

Time and Time Again    Part One “Where have you been?” were the first words screamed at Mr. Mathew Schultz upon entering the school.              “What do you mean?”              “Classes started three weeks ago. You are supposed to be in there teaching right now!”             Schultz swooned. Panic gripped his innards and yanked them down … More Time and Time Again Part One

Pierott & The Beast of Bodmin Moor – Flash Fiction

By Rex Hurst It was Pierott’s own fault. Being top clown had gone to his head. Carlisles’ Frontier Wild West Circus was making its 1923 debut tour of England and Scotland. Nine train cars crammed full of colorful props, miles of rope and canvas, and the exhausted men who put up and ripped down the … More Pierott & The Beast of Bodmin Moor – Flash Fiction

My Readings for 2020

2020 has ended! Another long year of pandering to my reading addiction. But my folly can be your joy. For this installment I decided to list all of the books that I’ve read this year that I have deemed worthwhile. Again, these are just the good ones. There have been just as many that were terrible, which … More My Readings for 2020