Ancient Writings on the Female Orgasm


          Hippocrates of Kos is perhaps the most well known physician of ancient times and one of the most influential thinker on medical ethics. The Hippocratic Oath, so vaunted by various money-grubbing medical agencies, was if not written by him, named after him by his students, shortly after his death. One of his many achievements was the Corpus, which consists of about seventy medical works and is are the most detailed collection of ancient man’s medical expertise.

          Well, buried among them was this gem.hippocrates-kos

          “During intercourse, once a woman’s genitals are vigorously rubbed and her womb titillated, an itch overwhelms her down there, and the feeling of pleasure and warmth pools out through the rest of her body. A woman also has an ejaculation, furnished by her body, occurring at the same time in the womb, which has become wet, as well as on the outside because the womb is now gaping wide open.

Hippocrates monument, Kos, Greece - 04

          “A woman feels pleasure right from the start of intercourse, through the entire time of it, right up until the moment when the man pulls out; if she feels an orgasm coming on, she ejaculates with him, and then she no longer feel pleasure. But if she feels no oncoming orgasm, her pleasure stops when his does. It’s like when one throws cold water onto boiling water, the boiling ceases immediately. The same is with the man’s sperm falling into the womb, it extinguishes the warmth and pleasure of the woman.

          “Her pleasure and warmth, though, surge the moment the sperm descends into the womb, then it fades. Just when wine is poured on a flame, it spurts before it goes out for good.”

          Makes sense to me.

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